8 Common Reasons Why Application Letters Fail

Get to know the 8 most common reasons why job application letters fail and what you can do to avoid!

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    “The cover or job application letter that you send together with your application material is the first impression the selection committee gets from you. You don't want to spoil this moment and therefore make sure to avoid common mistakes!”


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    What you get in the guide:

    - Learn about the key requirements of an application letter

    - Understand the letter will be used in the selection process

    - What is the preferred length and structure of an application letter

    - How to avoid overlap with other application material

    - Necessary statements that need to be included

    What is it all about?

    Selection committees receive many applications on academic job openings. Their time is limited and therefore they have to go quickly through the applicants' materials. They want to quickly sort out those applicants that are not qualified or not considered as appropriate. The job application letter plays a vital role in this first screening of material. If the impression is negative, the committe may not look at your application any further. So, it's worth sending in a well-prepared and flawless job application letter.