5 Strategies to Avoid Initial Paper Rejection

Get to know the 5 best strategies that help you avoid your paper gets rejected initially when submitted to a journal!

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    “As an editor, I've seen many papers where I thought they could have made it into the journal. But they got rejected at initial stage due to common mistakes. Learn in the guide how to avoid initial rejection!”


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    What you get in the guide:

    - What are common mistakes leading to rejection

    - Understand why journals reject at an initial stage

    - Learn strategies how you can avoid rejection to get your paper into the peer-review process

    - Understand the role of formal aspects in editorial decisions

    What is it all about?

    Publishing a paper is not only an important brick in building an academic career, it is also a relevant milestone for you as a resarcher: You show your peers what you've found in your research and how they cabn benefit from you. Thus, you want to make sure your work gets published. Unfortunately, many manuscripts get immediately rejected when they are submitted. This is a stage when editors take quick decisions, so you better know the strategies to avoid your paper being rejected here.