6 Reasons Why Presentations Can Fail

Get to know the 6 most common mistakes made when presenting research and how you can avoid them!

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    “If only I would have known what to avoid when I delivered my fisrt scientific talk! Now, I know, it is not so difficult to deliver a great presentation. Find it all in this expert guide, enjoy!”


    Author, Blogger, Presenter and Director of TRESS ACADEMIC

    What you get in the guide:

    - What to focus on in a presentation?

    - How much information is necessary?

    - How to make sure the audience understand you?

    - How to create effective slides?

    - How to keep your audience interested and engaged?

    - Why rehearsal is necessary

    - Why you shouldn't go over time

    What is it all about?

    Presenting your research is about showing who you are and what quality of work you do. It is not only ticking a box on the CV or reporting what your project was about. It's about communicating what you've done and it is a first-class marketing exercise to get your next job and your next project. It's worth investing time to avoid the most common mistakes that can make your presentation fail and hinder you from your next career step!