5 reasons why PhD students delay & how to avoid

Get to know the 5 most common reasons PhD candidates are delaying their projects and what you can do about avoiding it!

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    “I see that many PhD candidates would have a much smoother path to completion of their degree if they would be aware of the avoidable mistakes on their pathway.”


    Author, Blogger, Presenter and Director of TRESS ACADEMIC

    What you get in the guide:

    - Get to know the reasons why PhD candidates lose time

    - What you can do to critically review your project size and the risk of delayed completion

    - How planning can impact completion

    - How to get productive PhD supervision

    - How to keep focus on the PhD project

    What is it all about?

    Presenting your research is about showing who you are and what quality of work you do. It is not only ticking a box on the CV or reporting what your project was about. It's about communicating what you've done and it is a first-class marketing exercise to get your next job and your next project. It's worth investing time to avoid the most common mistakes that can make your presentation fail and hinder you from your next career step!