8 Reasons Why Supervision Can Fail

Get to know the 8 reeasons why supervision of PhD candidates can fail and what you can do to avoid it!

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    “Even if you've got the best intentions, being a good and supportive PhD supervisor is no easy task. In this guide we accumlated the key aspects that need to be considered if supervision should be a success. Grab it!”


    Author, Blogger, Presenter and Director of TRESS ACADEMIC

    What you get in the guide:

    - How to make your PhD candidates understand that you want to support them

    - Why setting up a regular schedule of prepared meetings can benefit supervisor and student

    - How to support project planning and thesis-writing

    - How to demystify PhD regulations

    - Environing a career path beyond the PhD degree

    What is it all about?

    As a PhD supervisor you have a very important role to play in educating and supporting early-career researchers. Requirements towards PhD candidates are rising with the increasing complexity of the academic system, calling for clear supervisory guidance and direction. But high-quality supervision doesn't come for free and needs careful preparation and awareness of the critical aspects in a supervisory relationship.